Women in Rhinology Section

The Women in Rhinology (WiR) is a Section within the ARS that represents a grassroots effort to provide networking and leadership mentoring for women interested in the care of rhinologic diseases. Towards that goal, events will feature guest speakers on topics such as career, leadership, and strategic planning while providing networking opportunities. Although the mission focuses on women rhinologists, we encourage and invite all ARS members to attend.


The purpose of the ARS is to advance the science and art of medicine as it relates to the care of people with rhinologic diseases and disorders. The Section for Women in Rhinology (WIR) is formed to support women rhinologists as they work to advance those purposes. The WIR will function in an advisory role to the Board of Directors, the membership, and committees of the ARS. More specifically, the WIR Section will help the ARS:

  1. Fully utilize the resources and talents of women in rhinology in their efforts to advance the purposes of the ARS.
  2. Support the full integration of women rhinologists into the activities of ARS by
    1. advocating for women in ARS leadership and committee positions.
    2. fostering research collaborations and mentoring for women rhinologists.
    3. addressing gender issues affecting women rhinologists.
    4. promoting the inclusion of women in educational programming and planning.
  3. Facilitate communication regarding issues of interest to and about women in the subspecialty of rhinology.

We are pleased to highlight the activities of the WiR and invite you to explore the following areas highlighting our:

If you are interested in becoming a member or becoming involved in the Women in Rhinology Section, please complete the application form or send an email to [email protected]  

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